Re-upholstery means that you can keep your
old furniture but in a brand new fabric.

Re-upholstery offers a value for money way to make
your furniture beautiful again.

Lotus Craft Upholstery can take your furniture right back to the frame, and virtually begin all over again. There are many processes involved in traditional re-upholstery. As different styles of furniture require different techniques we cannot always guarantee what will be used on your furniture. It is not always clear at first glance what processes will be carried out. The first technique is ‘talking down’ and inspecting the frame. During this processes we can identify what needs to be done to restore your furniture to its original look.

To get an instant quotation we need some information about furniture you would like to re-upholster.
Please click here and fill the form and will get back to you within 24h.

If you have any furniture you would like to get rid of please let us know and we may be able to pick it up from you.

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